Produce CSA Opportunity

How it works:

       A produce shareholder at Creekside Market pays for their membership or "share" before the beginning of distribution and receives a share of the farm's fresh picked fruits and vegetables for at least 21 consecutive weeks. The Value of the produce share you receive each week will be supplied at a minimum 20% discount to the regular price. You will then be able to pick up your weekly produce at the farm every week on either your choice of Tuesdays or Fridays.



Size:     Full Share- Feeds 2-4 people

             Half Share- Feeds 1-2 people

Freq:   Full Share- every week

             Half Share- every other week

Cost:    Full Share- $525 if paid in full by April 15th

                                 ("Early bird Discount" - $500 if paid in full by Feb. 15th)

                              - $535 if paid in installments by May 15th 

             Half Share- $315 due by April 15th

                                ("Early bird Discount" - $300 if paid in full by Feb. 15th)

Pick up: (you choose one of the following options)

                Fri. 4:00 – 6:00pm @ Creekside Farm Market

                Tues. 3:30 – 5:30pm @ Creekside Farm Market

                Wed. 4:30 – 5:30pm @

                                                    (located at 230 N. President Ave. Lancaster, PA)

                *If there are at least 10 shares at your location we may be able to bring your fruits and veggies to you!  Talk with people in your neighborhood or workplace about us!


  • How much will I receive weekly? (Harvest Expectations)

                - Amount and variety will vary slightly with the season, early spring and fall pick-ups may have less than the main season months.  We will keep you informed as the veggies ripen in the fields.  A single share should feed a small family or couple who really likes their vegetables.  Half shares should feed a couple or a single person. Extra portions may come available if we have an overabundance, members will be able to take advantage of this for canning and freezing. 

  • What will I receive in my share?

                -  You will receive a large variety of fresh fruits and vegetables as they come into season.  Although we do not currently raise any tree fruit some from a local orchard will be added to your share.

  • Where do I pick up?

               -Pickup will be on one of two days at our farm where you will be able to assemble your share.  We've also added a third pick-up option at located at 230 N. President Ave. Lancaster, PA.  At this pick-up, your share will be pre-boxed and ready to go. You will determine your pickup day prior to the season and will be responsible for making it to that location on that day.  You can always send a friend or neighbor in your place if something comes up as long as you let us know ahead of time. 



Located at 1436 Mount Joy Rd. Manheim, PA

For more information call Josh at 717-940-5440

or email

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