The Wreaths

     If you've never been to our wreath shop you are missing out!  We always have a selection of decorated wreaths to choose from but you can have us create unique wreaths, swags and kissing balls to fit your decorating needs.  We have a wide selection of ribbon and other wreath decorations for you to choose from.   Our wreath sizes range from 18" to 5'.

The Process   

     Whats our process?  We start by venturing out into local fields of Fraser Fir where we cut the greens.  Once we get the fresh greens back to our shop we turn them into our beautiful wreaths then attach our hand tied bows and accent them with the perfect blend of both traditional and natural decorations.

The Tree Lot

     We keep our lot stocked with a wide selection of local, fresh cut trees.  Our local partners deliver fresh trees weekly and if you can't find exactly what you need we can have special orders filled for you in short order.  Fraser fir is our personal favorite and we always have lots to choose from but we also carry douglas fir, concolor fir and blue spruce.

       After you choose the mighty tree that will grace your holiday season we will be happy to drill and bale it to make getting your prize home, in the house and standing straight as easy as possible.


We are looking forward to helping you have a beautiful holiday season!