Why Buy Local?

          There are a number of reasons for making fresh local fruits and vegetables a staple in your diet including increasing your overall health, preventing disease, reducing fossil fuel use, and supporting your local economy.  Whatever your reasons are, we appreciate your continued support of our local farm.

               If you're not convinced that the local produce option is any better than shopping at the grocery store ask yourself some of these questions and research the information in the links on this page.

  •      How often do you eat fruits and vegetables? 

                     - U.S. department of health recommends 4 servings of fruit and 5  servings of vegetables every day.

                     - In a recent press release from the USDA they recommend that fruits and vegetables make up half of every meal.

  •      Where do they come from? 

                     - Produce is shipped to grocery stores from all over the world burning fossil fuels and losing nutritional value and flavor quality along the way.

  •      How were your vegetables grown and havested? 

                      - Most local farmers are happy to share with you their growing practices and most pick ripe and ready veggies at their peak. Shipped vegetables are often picked before they are fully ripe to increase the shelf life and shipping capacity.